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Brotherhood of Hermanos

We are Brotherhood of Hermanos. We are an advertising, art and design studio.

We strive to do good work for good people. We also have fun and drink a little beer.

We strive to provide our clients the opportunity to compete with highly successful and well-established businesses through creating authentic, individualized, and thoughtfully-crafted design solutions.

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Why “Brotherhood of Hermanos?” In the TV series, Arrested Development, there is an episode called “Beef Consume.” The plot involves G.O.B. and Michael dating the same girl, Marta, which made things quite awkward. Marta decided she needed to break up with one of them. She told G.O.B. that she was dating his “hermano.” G.O.B. not being familiar with Spanish grammar, said, “I got to find this hermano and kick his ass.”

While working at an advertising shop, I met a very like-minded friend, who also knew and loved Arrested Development, We started calling each other “hermanos” because, in a way, we were both dating “Marta” — we shared the same love and passion for design and communications, and were both equally frustrated with the lack of forward thinking in our environments.

Brotherhood of Hermanos is for all of us like-minded folks who want more, want to do good work, be challenged, have some fun and drink little beer.

At the moment we are small, but there is plenty of room on this pirate ship. Being an “hermano” is about being yourself to the fullest, being passionate about the things you truly love, and pushing back against pressures of conformity. It’s about wanting to leave things better than when you found them. It’s about not apologizing for who you are. We are Brotherhood of Hermanos.


Jose Barrientos

Head Creative/Proprietor
Jose Barrientos


Canine Intern


InHouse Critic

Miss Scout

The Muscle
Miss Scout

Brotherhood of Hermanos is the design studio of Jose Barrientos


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